Important steps Anti-Lag

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Important steps Anti-Lag

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First of all, you have to consider several factors that influence your LAG.
The location. The further you are from home, the more complicated things get.
I can give you a very simple example: if you are from ASIA and you play in EUROPE,
your ping will definitely not look good, but let's say that you like the server a lot even if you have lag,
it's a pleasant atmosphere and you want to play with them as much as possible.
Yes. There is a solution.
The second thing you have to take into account is that the installed Kit must somehow be optimized,
to make sure you have the necessary resources to run the Counter-Strike 1.6 game.
If the PC is a relic, then I really can't help you.But we live in the era of technology and
I'm sure that there are no longer such major problems that you can run the CS1.6 game today.

First step: put your game on high. If you use STEAM, I recommend these settings in the "set lunch option".
How do we find the "set lunch option"? S1mple:

-Right click on the STEAM icon if it is running. You must have gone out of the game in that moment.
-Look for the Library section. Your list of games will appear. We are interested in Counte-Strike 1.6.
-Right click on the game (Counte-Strike 1.6), Properties and in GENERAL section you'll find LAUNCH OPTION.
Now we have some options so you can test it but most of them are important.
I will leave the most important ones here.

-high (your game will be prioritized with all the resources you have in your computer, ram and processor. It's an option that I recommend for weak computers)
-nofbo (makes rendering similar to how it used to be and removes anti-aliasing)
-nomsaa (only removes anti-aliasing; not needed if you use -nofbo)
-noforcemparms (if not used, windows will uncheck "enhanced pointer precision every time you load CS)
-freq X or possibly -refresh X (sets your refresh rate to X; command was brought back)
-stretchaspect removes blackbars so you can use a 4:3 aspect ratio resolution in widescreen
-dev (I personally do not like this option, but it is very good for FPS. The game will run in development mode and will ignore certain game resources. Test it and I'm sure you'll figure out how it works. Many players love this option because it uses less computer resources
such as ram and processor. It's like playing from a console.)

Google is a very good friend and can find you other options that you can test. I left you the most important ones.
After solving with LAUNCH OPTION, the most important step is to have some commands in the console
that guarantee you that things will change for the better for you.
Now we enter the game and open the magic console. How? S1mple:
-on the left side of the keyboard before the number 1 you have a key with the sign ~ or `. Push on that.
Let's start:

rate “100000” (new maximum 100000)
cl_cmdrate 102
cl_updaterate 102 (new maximum 102)
ex_interp “0” (to reflect the new updaterate; 0.01 would be incorrect)
fps_max “100” (caps it at 100.5 but feels smoother than 99.5; some users suggested CS calculated FPS wrong now)
hud_fastswitch “2” (same as 1 used to be)
m_customaccel “0” (not sure what exactly; i set them all to 0 because i don’t use any software acceleration)
m_customaccel_exponent “0”
m_customaccel_max “0”
m_customaccel_scale “0”
m_rawinput “1” (raw input; replaces rinput which was an external software)
cl_mousegrab “0” (not sure what exactly it does)
gl_vsync “0” (turns off vertical sync)
gl_ansio “0” (turns off anisotrophic filtering)

Also, I recommend you:
cl_weather 0 (effects like rain, clouds (de_aztec) will disappear, which will bring us an increase in FPS and fluidity)
cl_shadows 0 (it's ok for FPS - Frame Per Seconds- but you'll not see the enemy shadow)
net_graph 3 (you'll see parameters of Loss and Choke. If your Choke is up like 30 or 40,50, etc, go in the console
and low your cl_updaterate. ex: cl_updaterate 20 it's perfect!)
I can't explain what role these functions have in the console.
If you are so curious what role each one has, then Google can help you.
Our goal is to make the game run smoothly.
Also I recommend that you make a config with your name, for example BeasT.cfg,
in which you insert these values ​​and in the game's config, put this line: exec BeasT.cfg.
Every time you enter the game, all settings will be activated automatically.
How we do this?!
Go again in your Library- Properties- Local Files -Browse. Now you're in the folder of the game CS1.6.
Try to find one folder: cstrike! You'll see another one with the same name something like: cstrike-download. Ignore him.
Focus on cstrike simple. Click on him. Look for the config file. Click on him. You can open it with Notepad or Wordpad.
Go to the bottom lines and put this: exec YOURNAME.cfg
Save it. Now make a copy of config.cfg and rename it with you Name. Click on it and DELETE everything and put all this values (the ones above)
except the LAUNCH OPTIONS settings.
After you have set all the values, I recommend that you make config.cfg and YOURNAME.cfg read-only. That way you won't get autobind if you enter servers that change your name, game settings and other nonsense. I also recommend that you give read-only to the entire cstrike folder to be sure.

I think that's all.
If you encountered problems with this tutorial, you are welcome to leave your opinions and comments here and we will solve them together.
Also, if this tutorial helped you play without LAG on your favorite server, then I'm glad I could help.
Good Luck!
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